The Department can boast of many years’ experience and traditions of scientific research, it is staffed with highly qualified scientific workers, and it can perform research or consult on any issues of construction and maintenance of highways on a contractual basis. Among these issues are the following:

1. Design and calculation of non-rigid and rigid automobile road pavement.

2. Investigation into the physical and mechanical properties of soils, local materials and industrial wastes with the development of recommendations for their use in road pavement design.

3. Technology and organization of construction of road pavement layers produced from local materials, wastes and by-products of industry.

4. Technology for construction of road pavement layers made of rigid rolled cement and concrete mixtures and semi-rigid layers of road pavement.

5. Technology of road pavement construction at low air temperatures.

6. Application of geosynthetic reinforced materials in automobile road construction, repair and reconstruction.

7. Assessment of the operational state of roads and city streets (with a test of road pavement durability, measurement of indicators of pavement smoothness and adherence qualities) and development of recommendations for their repair.

8. Monitoring, forecasting and development of recommendations for the prevention of deformation and destruction of the road pavement at the stage of automobile road operation.

9. Justification of costs for automobile road maintenance and repair.

10. Technologies of old road pavement cold recycling.