The department prepares specialists in "Building and civil engineering" Specialty "Bridges and tunnels"

We guarantee the quality of studying, help in employment and gaining the experience for your career development

Future qualification:

  • Bachelor degree specialty 192.Building and civil engineering with the education program of «Bridges and transport tunnels»;
  • Master’s degree specialty 192  Building and civil engineering with a specialization «Bridges and transport tunnels»  (accreditation NAHEQA since 2019р)

 You will gain knowledge in these areas:

  • Build and design bridge constructions, tunnels, subways and many other structures;
  • Examination and testing of  constructions;
  • Exploitation and reconstruction of man-made structures.

As a result of studying you will be able to do:

  • Build and design bridge constructions, tunnels, subways and many other structures;
  • Survey and test man-made structures;
  • Creating routes to transport oversized cargo;
  • Exploitation and reconstruction of man-made structures;
  • Use modern technology and materials for building and bridge repairing and other special structures;
  • Define the reliability of bridge constructions and tunnels;
  • Standardization and rationing of technical and technological process, control of the quality of the building;
  • Work modelling and calculation of  basic structures, man-made structures using computer technology

Possibilities of the future employment:

Design, research, road construction, civil and industrial management, subway building and bridge 

Education quality assessment requires next certificates:

  • Ukrainian language (or Ukrainian language and literature)
  • Math (level: «standard and profile»)
  • Chemistry or geography or biology or physics or history of Ukraine or foreign language

Form of education: full-time education, extramural, other education, accelerated learning, depends on basic level of student education and his willingness. 

Period of study: Bachelor - 3 years 10 months, Master’s degree – 1,5 years