The department has a research laboratory for examination and testing (certificate of compliance of the measurement system with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10010:2005 No. 01-0154/2020 dated 10.12.2020).

There is a specialized computer class equipped with modern computers with licensed software and an electronic library of regulatory documents and books by specialty. 4 lecture halls are equipped for holding lectures using presentation materials and scientific and educational films.

   Lecture by stakeholder Oleksandr LUKIN, Ph.D. of Sciences, chief engineer of the Expert Center "ENGINEERING STRUCTURES" LLC for those seeking education under the OP "Bridges and Transport Tunnels" in the discipline "Operation of Bridges".  

For students studying under the "Bridges and Transport Tunnels" educational program, stakeholders conduct introductory lectures on various areas of activity related to the design, construction and operation of bridges and tunnels.