History of the department


Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics named after V.O. Russian has a long history. The department of bridges was created in 1930, the first year of the existence of Khadi. 5 teachers worked in it, and it was headed by Acting the head of the department, associate professor M. F. Postarnak.

The Department of Construction Mechanics, another older department of Khadi, was established in 1933.  

In 1999, these two departments merged into a single structure with a new name: the Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics, which in 2021 received the name of an outstanding person-Professor Volodymyr Oleksiyovych Russkyi.  

V. O. Russian in 1938 worked at the Department of Resistance of Materials and Construction Mechanics of Khai Khai, and from 28.06. In 1939, he was approved by the Academic Council of Khadi as an associate professor of the Department of Construction Mechanics. On September 5, 1941, Volodymyr Oleksiyovych was assigned to military-defense road construction, went through the entire war (he was in the army until August 1945, after which he received a business trip to Kharkov at the disposal of the director of the Khadi Institute of Civil Engineering to take up the position of head of the department of bridges, which he headed until June 8, 1974). Engineer-captain V.O. Russian traveled from Kharkov to the Caucasus, and then from the Caucasus to European countries, leading crossings, building and restoring destroyed bridges. In the period from 1950 to 1954 V.O. Russian was also the dean of the road construction faculty.

In 1949, the Department of Bridges was commissioned for the first time to carry out tests of a new road bridge over the Siverskyi Donets River in the Chuguyeva area. Over the 74 years that have passed since the first test, the staff of the department and the research laboratory at the department have examined more than a thousand bridges, 180 of them have been tested.

Knowledge and ability to perform spatial calculations of real bridges, extensive experience in surveys and research allowed the department to begin work on a more correct, more accurate than before, determination of the actual load capacity of bridges, taking into account existing defects. 

Theoretical and practical developments made it possible to solve a number of production problems - to determine the traffic routes of heavy, over-standard road trains weighing 150-200 tons and more on bridges designed for the movement of columns of cars weighing 10-30 tons or single cars weighing 60-80 tons. In 1991, for the development of this problem, M.P. Lukin, as part of the author's team, was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

The Department of Construction Mechanics, as an independent department, was created in 1933. Until then, the disciplines "Resistance of materials" and "Construction mechanics" were taught by the department of theoretical mechanics.

From 1933 to 1935 the department was headed by V.K. Kohmaniuk, in 1935-1936 - associate professor M.S. Rakivnenko, from 1936 to 1941. - Professor D.M. Xandrov. In the post-war period, the department was headed by T.M. Tyshchenko (1945-1947), associate professor G.V. Shcherbakov (1947-1949), professor V.I. Bloch (1949-1960), associate professors V.D. Zinchenko (1960-1968), V.M. Smirnov (1968-1981), A.G. Ilyin (1981-1992), professor V.V. Cuckoo (1993-1997). In 1992-1993 and 1997-1999 the duties of the head of the department were performed by associate professor I.M. Ishchenko.

In 1938, a laboratory for mechanical testing of materials was established, which allowed more than two-thirds of the laboratory work to be carried out on various studies of materials and structures. On the eve of the war, no serious scientific research was conducted at the department. From methodical work during this period, the department produced a number of visual aids and installations for illustrating longitudinal bending, deformations of frames and swaying of beams. It was planned to create an office of statics of structures, but the war began, and it was never created.

In the pre-war period, the department provided training for students in three disciplines: "Resistance of materials", "Construction mechanics" and "Fundamentals of construction mechanics and metal construction". In 1958, the latter discipline was transferred to the Department of Road and Construction Machinery.

The Department of Construction Mechanics was completely renewed only in the 1950s, when it was headed by an outstanding scientist and teacher with a world name, Professor V.I. Flea. During this period, a postgraduate course was opened at the department, which contributed to providing it with its own highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel.

During this period, the publishing activity of the department revived significantly thanks to the scientific publications of Professor V.I. Bloch and his students: V.M. Deeva, I.M. Ishchenko, V.I. Makhovykova, V.V. Tregubenko and others. The works of Professor V.I. Bloch about the torsion of rods whose cross-sections are bounded by arcs of intersecting circles are classical. The posthumous edition of the fundamental monograph "Theory of Elasticity" presents the main results of the scientific research of Professor V.I. in the original tensor form. Flea.

In 1969, candidate of technical sciences was elected to the post of associate professor of the department by competition. E.D. Chikhladze This year should be considered the beginning of the creation of the scientific school "Theory and calculation methods of reinforced concrete structures in combined structures". During this period, the department carried out large-scale research on production orders: "Investigation of the strength of the load-bearing structures of KRAZ heavy-duty vehicles", "New designs of cylinders for gas fuel reinforced with fiberglass winding", "New designs of external pipe traps for UkrNIIGas" (Assoc. I.M. Ishchenko), "Combined vibrations of push bars for bulldozers" and others.

The main directions of research work of the department in the 1950s were general solutions of problems of the theory of elasticity in different coordinates and the application of the theory of functions of a complex variable to solve flat problems of the theory of elasticity of isotopic and anisotropic bodies. The city seminar on the theory of elasticity, led by Professor V. I. Bloch, was constantly active at the department. In 1956, the department organized the All-Union Conference on the Theory of Elasticity.

Many original developments are protected by copyright. Prepared and issued methodical instructions for the performance of calculation and design tasks for students on resistance of materials and construction mechanics.

In the 1990s, employees of the department published more than 60 scientific works, including 3 monographs. The methodical work of the department was significantly intensified, mainly in the direction of introducing computers into the educational process. Developed programs for home calculation and design work on resistance of materials and construction mechanics on computers. The synopsis of lectures on resistance of materials and methodical instructions for independent work of students on resistance of materials (parts I and II) and construction mechanics have been prepared for publication and published in Ukrainian.

In 1999, the Departments of Bridges and Construction Mechanics, the activities of which were closely intertwined until now, formed a single entity - the Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics. It was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.V. Bulanov. The staff of the new department, enriching and multiplying many years of experience in scientific and methodical work, directed its activities to the solution of topical problems, and first of all, to the training of highly qualified specialists-bridge builders.

In 2001, the first graduation of "Bridges and Transport Tunnels" specialists took place at the department. The work experience of the department made it possible to obtain a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to train masters in the specialty "Bridges and Transport Tunnels".

In September 2004, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor E.D. Chikhladze

On the basis of a contract with the Ministry of Communications of Syria, from June 2004 to May 2005, a specialist of the department, associate professor V.P., worked as an expert in Syria. Kozhushko, who was engaged in surveying bridges and overpasses in Syria.

The teachers of the department are constantly engaged in providing the educational process with methodical literature. In 2000-2005, the department published: five textbooks, four of them with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine.

In 2007, the defense of Assoc. V.P. Kozhushkom's doctoral dissertation on the topic "Modeling of structures on highways to assess their stress-strain state".   

From 2007-2012, the head of the Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics was O.G. Kislov.

From 2012-2021 the head of the Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics was V.P. Kozhushko.

From August 1, 2021, Bugaevsky S.O. appointed head of the Department of Bridges, Structures and Construction Mechanics named after V.O. Russian