The project envisaged training of qualified climate managers. For this purpose, project teams will study best EU practices, select and train staff, update existing Master degree programs in environmental protection and management by developing an interdisciplinary training module in climate change prevention, adaptation and mitigation. The quality of training and competencies of climate managers will be thoroughly evaluated by all groups of stakeholder aiming to ensure their professionalism; project activities will be organized in partner countries and in the EU. Climate Management Centers will be set up to ensure the interaction of industrial and transport sectors, power industry, local authorities and partner universities towards implementing of the plan to decarbonize the various sectors of the economy of partner countries, promoting climate innovations by supporting the implementation of “climate-innovative startups” at all stages of implementation from generation of business model to entering into sales transactions.

       The aim of the project is to help the universities of Georgia and Ukraine to become centers for the development of research of climate management to accelerate integration into the global climate market and to meet global climate regulation requirements by acquiring best European practices in the field of climate change prevention, adaptation and mitigation.

       The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

1. Update the existing master degree programs by developing an interdisciplinary training module "Climate Management".

2. Establish consulting Climate Management Centers at partner universities and ensure their sustainable development.

3. Facilitate the development and strengthening of institutional capacity of partner universities aiming to develop recommendations for the industrial, transport, energy, tourism sectors and local authorities in the sphere of climate change prevention, adaptation and mitigation.


1. Learning of the EU experience in scientific and practical activities on climate management.

2. Development of the Training Module “Climate Management” at Partner HEIs.

3. Establishment of the Climate Management Center.

4. Implementation of the updated Master Degree Program at Partner HEIs.

5. Quality Management.

6. Dissemination and sustainability.

7. Project Management.

       Expected results:

1. Updated Master Degree Program by means of development and implementation of Training Module “Climate Management”.

2. Trained staff.

3. Consulting Centers of Climate Management are established at partner universities.

4. Developed “roadmap” of cooperation between the industrial, transport, agricultural and tourism sectors and local authorities on the implementation of climate management policy.

5. Qualified climate managers.


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Netherlands Business Academy, the Netherlands