The department carries out training in educational and professional / scientific programs

Bachelor (EPP Ecology and Environmental Protection)

Master (EPP Environmental Safety)

Doctor of Philosophy (ESP Environmental Safety)

We train qualified specialists for government authorities / enterprises and the private sector in the following areas:

- climate management;

- environmental control and management;

- biosafety and environmental monitoring;

- control and rational use of subsoil;

- waste management and recycling technologies;

- biodiversity and customs phytocontrol;

- sustainable management of water resources, protection of land and atmospheric air.

Based on the results of the training, you will gain competence in the field of environmental safety:

- development and implementation of innovative technologies and management methods in the field of environmental safety for industry and transport;

- organization of a system of management, monitoring, reporting and greenhouse gas emissions at the level of enterprises, regulatory bodies and state authorities;

- conducting environmental and energy audits of enterprises, institutions and organizations;

- organization of the environmental management and control system.


- training under the international grant program "Climate Management";

- in-depth training in a foreign language;

- foreign internships under the Erasmus + program;

- training in magistracy and graduate school.

Employment opportunities:

structural divisions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine; controlling bodies of state power and local self-government; licensed enterprises, institutions and institutions that develop and approve environmental permits; industrial and research institutions.


Specialist in vocational guidance of young people


PhD (Biol.),Associate Professor

Phone. 063 195 34 58