(a) Scientific activity of the departmental section “Technology of road building materials”

Scientific directions in the field of road-building material science are as follows:

• Structural formation, technology, properties and durability of road cement- and asphalt concrete;

• Adhesive-cohesive rheological properties of binders;

• Deformation and destruction of organic binders and concrete based on them;

• Polymer modified bitumen, asphalt polymer and colored concrete, multi-grained and crushed-stone lutaceous asphalt concrete;

• Development of state standards for road building materials;

• Development of new indicators for road building material quality and instruments for their determination.


The section maintains scientific contacts with:

• World Road Association (AIPCR-PIARC);

• European Association of EuroBitum;

• Research Institute (Poland);

• MADI-DTU (Moscow);

• Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis (RAS);

• Zarqa University, Jordan.


(b) Scientific activity of the departmental section "Chemistry"

The scientific directions of the section are the following:

• Investigation into the properties of components of man-caused radiation background;

• Investigation into patterns of dissolution of copper and its alloys in solutions of various compositions and development of resource-saving low-waste technologies for purifying wastewater that contains heavy metals.