The history of Road-Building Faculty

Automobile and Highway University (KhAHI) was founded in 1930 in Kharkiv, the capital of Ukraine. Its first faculties were automobile and road-building ones.

The Road-Building Faculty has become the first subsidiary and a leading center of engineering skills training for public road system of Ukraine. This year can be considered officially as the beginning of the development of road science. Engineering skills training for the road industry has been carried out since the establishment of the Faculty. About 100 students were involved in the classes as far back as during the first years of existence of the specialty. Works set up by Prof. O. Birulia and Prof. M. Volkov, have taken shape in separate directions and have started such currently successfully operating, and world famous schools as:

- “Increasing the Efficiency of Construction and Maintenance of Roads” (DSci (Engineering), Prof. V. Zhdaniuk continues the work nowadays)

 - “Physics and Chemistry, Mechanics and Durability of Organic and Mineral Binders and Concretes based on them” (supervised by DSci (Engineering), Prof. V. Zolotarov)