Areas of scientific activity of the Department are the following:

1. Development of information and communication technologies for the analysis and synthesis of distributed telematics transport systems;

2. Development of intelligent automobile mechatronic systems, automotive satellite navigation and communication systems;

3. Information technology in design;

4. System analysis and the theory of optimal solutions for transport;

5. Information technology in education;

6. IT project management;

7. Software development.

In recent years, the most important research subject at the department has been a scientific and technical project for the development of modern technologies by the state order "Development and implementation of the information and communication technology for the traffic flow of land transport in big cities".

Every two years the Department runs a competition for the best student development in computer technologies.

The Department has had long-term scientific connections with a number of foreign universities. It is carrying out joint research in the area of information and communication technologies for intelligent vehicles and systems with the University of Burgundy, Nevers, France.

Joint research is being conducted with Kaunas University, Kaunas, Lithuania.