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We invite you to study in the specialties of

Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окне the Road Construction Faculty of KhNADU.

You will gain knowledge in the following areas:

- design, construction and operation of roads, highways and structures on them; traffic safety assessment and development of means of traffic organization; development and implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies for road construction and operation; examination and quality control of construction and repair works;

- design and construction of bridges, tunnels, subways and other special structures; inspection and testing of artificial structures;

- climate management; environmental control and management; biosafety and environmental monitoring; control and rational use of subsoil; waste management and disposal technologies; biodiversity and customs phytocontrol; sustainable management of water resources, protection of lands and atmospheric air.


Contacts of the selection committee:   Тел. +38 (057) 700-38-64  E - mail :

Contacts for foreign applicants:

Тел. + 380577003866 ; +380577073680.

Факс + 380577003865

E - mail :


Road Construction Faculty

provides training for bachelors and masters in the following specialties:

192 Construction and civil engineering  ⇒
101 Ecology  ⇒
193 Geodesy and land management  ⇒


Conditions of entry

Date of receipt of documents

EQL bachelor: 1 course based on complete general secondary education (graduates of schools and colleges):

EQL bachelor: based on OQR junior specialist (graduates of colleges or universities):

EQL Magistr:

Video tour of the faculty

Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окне Go



Responsible for working with applicants

Assoc. Prof. Kostikova M.V. тел. +38 057-707-37-74 e-mail:



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