При кафедрі працює «Науково-дослідна лабораторія (з обстеження та випробування)», яка має акредитацію ДП "Харківстандартметрологія" в 2017 році.

Кваліфікаційний сертифікат експерта отриманий в 2012 році Кісловим Олександром Григоровичем, 2018 року отримано свідоцтво про підвищення кваліфікації.



The major scientific directions of the Department are as follows:

development of modern engineering solutions for the design and reconstruction of bridges;

improvement of methods for calculation of road bridge flight structures and supports;

development of theory and methods for calculation of steel and concrete structures on power and temperature impacts with cross section optimization;

stress-strain state of steel and concrete columns of rectangular and other types of cross-sections, taking into account the triaxial stress state of concrete, as well as features of contact between concrete and steel, means of longitudinal load transmission;

stress-strain boundary state of reinforced concrete slabs taking into account the anisotropic properties of cracking and non-linear deformation of concrete;

development of technologies for repair of bridge structures with the use of polymer concrete for restoration of concrete constructions of span structures and supports;

development of technologies for the use of modern bitumen-polymeric materials for roadway water-proofing;

inspection of bridges, overpasses and industrial structures in order to detect defects and their impact on bearing capacity;

selection of a route of excess cargoes up to 200 tons over the currently available bridges;

certification of bridges and overpasses;

determination of bearing capacity of the currently available bridges and development of recommendations for reconstruction, limitation of speed and load capacity, procedure of structure repair;

solution of the problem of estimating steel and concrete structure fire resistance.